Greek cooking recipes

cuisson du pain grec

Greek bread

Greek bread

Bread has always been very important to the Greeks. For some of the Greek people, bread is so important that no meal can be eaten without it, a laid table is just not complete without the bread basket full to the brim with fresh bread. For elderly people, that have suffered a lot most of their life due to the unlucky events of modern Greek history, bread has been very important, since it was the only edible thing that they could afford and support.

Bread was very important in Ancient Greece also. Still today the Greeks will go out of their way to buy a loaf of fresh crusty bread from their local bakery every morning. Sliced bread is not very common in Greece, people will sometimes buy a packet of sliced bread or bread for toast as the Greek’s call it, but they only use it to make toasted sandwiches and very rarely eat it raw.

Before houses owned their own ovens, Greek women would prepare a few batches of bread; each would have their own recipe and then carry the dough to the local baker in order for it to be baked in his oven. After a couple of hours, the Greek women would return to pick up their baked, crusty bread. In our days there is a wide choice of bread, different bread is made for festivals and celebration days, Easter bread, Christmas bread etc.
Here are some of the most popular bread recipes for you to try and bake at home.

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