Finding accommodation on Paros is quite easy really, if you have decided what kind of accommodation you are looking for, then here we are to help you make your final choice. Your decision will have to depend on your economical situation and your personal needs. If you want a deluxe villa, an A’ B’ or C’ class hotel, an apartment, a pension, a private room, a house share, camping on Paros or even a youth hostel on Paros then you are looking in the right place.

If you are island hopping have not been able to book accommodation in advance then people usually appear at the ports of the islands holding signs in their hands, offering cheap accommodation. Our advice is, that if you can avoid these people, then do so! Sometimes the deal that they will offer you stands but usually the rooms that they offer are low quality and although they may seem cheap at the time, if you search you will find better quality at similar prices.

To make your search easier, please keep in mind that from the 20th July to the 20th August, it is peak season on Paros, that means that prices are at their highest and availablity is not so easy.

Take a look at our cheap accommodation on Paros

Here is what we have to offer for accommodation on Antiparos.

If you do not want to search for accommodation then tell us what you are looking for, the area that you prefer, your budget and we will send you a couple of choices that you can choose from.

Please contact: or +30 69 34620501 +30 22840 24879.

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