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If you are island hopping have not been able to book accommodation in advance then people usually appear at the port of the island of Antiparos, holding signs in their hands, offering cheap accommodation. Our advice is, that if you can avoid these people, then do so! Sometimes the deal that they will offer you stands but usually the rooms that they offer are low quality and although they may seem cheap at the time if you search you will find better quality at similar prices.
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the centre of Antiparos island

the center of Antiparos island

The beautiful, small island of Antiparos (also known as Oliaros), is a beautiful, small inhabited island in the southern Aegean, in the heart of the Cyclades islands, which is less than one nautical mile from Paros island, the port to which it is connected with a local ferry.

The island of Antiparos is located very close to the two small, uninhabited islands of Saliagos, which is the most ancient settlement in the whole Cyclades complex, and opposite the tourist settlement of Ayios Georgios in Antiparos is Despotiko, another small uninhabited island on the southwest side of Antiparos, that is an area of great archaeological importance and excavations continue on Despotiko until today.

The main settlement or otherwise known as “the town” of Antiparos, is located on the northeastern side of the small island, just across from the port of Pounda of Paros. The very popular historical center of the island is located within the Venetian castle of Antiparos, which is also connected to the traditional shopping streets upon the picturesque coastal road. Other settlements of Antiparos are the famous resort of St. George on the southwest tip of the island, Soros and Kampos and the most popular beaches in the wider area of the center of Antiparos are Psaralyki beach, the Sifneiko beach, and the camping beach.

Antiparos is located only 30 minutes by a small passenger-only ferry, from the main town of Paros, Paroikia or just 8 minutes with a car ferry boat from the small port of Pounda on Paros which runs every half an hour from dawn to after midnight (in the summer season). That makes Antiparos an island which you can treat as a dormitory for the much busier and larger island of Paros. With the very frequent ferries (including the late ones via the port of Pounda), you can even eat out on Paros and then return to Antiparos for the night; or you can cross over to Paros after breakfast, spend a full day exploring Paros (perhaps by car or scooter) and then return to the friendly peace and pace of Antiparos the same evening. If you insist on spoiling yourself (which many do on their holidays), you can rent a car on Paros and then drive back to Antiparos (via the ferry boat from Pounda port) every night! The water-sports facilities (kitesurfing – windsurfing) in the area of Pounda on Paros are actually closer to Antiparos island than anywhere else, being just eight minutes away by ferry.

Antiparos is an example of the traditional Cyclades architecture, as it offers a brilliant white ensemble, emphasized by the vivid dark blue (like the color of the Aegean Sea) brushstrokes on most of the doors and windows. It is a historic island of global interest. The monuments and symbols of the figures that once lived on the island communicate with us, who were the creators of the singular Cycladic civilization, creators of the island’s history.

Today, thousands of tourists visit the island every year, in order to admire the cave, this rare jewel of Antiparos, and places of archaeological interest, to enjoy the outstanding view that can be found scattered in every corner of our island, the beautiful, clean beaches, picturesque slab-paved alleys, savory traditional food, fresh fish, grilled octopus, local meat, and the magnificent wines and tsikoudia (raki) of Antiparos. For lovers of nightlife, there are many bars and discos to choose from. But, above all, one finds warmth, kindness, and hospitality on the part of the inhabitants of the island, qualities that guarantee your stay will remain unforgettable.

The local Community of Antiparos island was created in the year 1914 and was made into a municipality in the year 2010 at the same time as the implementation of the Law “Kallikrates”, under the principle of” each island has its own municipality”. The island occupies an area of 34.8 square kilometers and includes the island of Antiparos and Despotiko. It has, according to the 2011 census, 1.037 permanent residents. The island’s economy is based on its tourism, fishing, and farming, while less on agriculture. Antiparos is well known for its distinctive Cycladic beauty with the many white houses, cobbled alleys and beautiful flowers that thrive in the yards of most of the houses. It is a very popular tourist resort in the summer for many Greeks and European visitors, as well as land investors from the U.S.A and Israel.

Within the Neolithic period, that dated back to 4000 B.C findings of which can be seen exhibited today at the archaeological museum of Paroikia were discovered on the small island of Saliagos.  On the island of Despotiko, which until today is still an uninhabited island, located opposite the region of Ayios Georgios, many excavations are taking place in the little region of Mantra, that are bringing to light so many large findings that archaeologists believe that the island of Despotiko will soon be declared as an Archaeological Park.
You should definitely visit the famous cave of Antiparos and also the many beautiful, picturesque, sandy beaches that are located all around the island.

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