Travel To Greece

Upon arriving in Greece, you might feel that you have fulfilled a dream. We want it to remain that way, surf around for some advise from us, we are ex pats living in Greece about what to do and what not to do while in Greece.

Greece has been a favorite travel destination for decades because of its stunning islands, beaches, azure seas and laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. Through time this has led Greece to becoming a desired market for real estate purchasers – be they either for summer holiday homes in lieu of rentals, all-year residence or for retirement. Find out about real estate on the Greek island of Paros in Greece.



Monastiri beach on Paros island

As you carry on north, you will meet the Monastery beach (also known as Parosparko).This

Golden beach on Paros
Golden beach on Paros

Golden beach is the biggest and one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Sea sports play a primary role there with windsurfing to be again the

Best beaches on Paros
Kolybithres beach on Paros

On the west side of Naoussa's bay you should visit the famous Kolybithres beach. Even though this beach is an attraction to both Greeks and foreigners

Best beaches on Paros
Livadia beach on Paros

To the North of the town of Paroikia, towards Krios beach, you will find the beautiful beach of Livadia, with a complete tourism infrastructure and c

the best beaches on Paros
Pounda beach on Paros

Pounda beach (or Pounda beach club) is a long sandy beach with crystal clear waters, located on the eastern side of Paros. There are two very famous b

The best beaches on Paros
Parasporos beach on Paros

Just some minutes away from Parikia, only 3 km away, you will reach the beach of Parasporos. The area is ideal for staying or just visiting. Parasporo

The best beaches on Paros
Farangas beach on Paros

Farangas beach is a wide sandy beach with a series of smaller coves to the right of the main beach. It is a well protected from the wind with white s